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Rosemarie Chavarria

I agree, Marcio. He needs to grow up and get a life!




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This list isn't about NVDA?
This topic isn't about NVDA?
As it goes, sooner or later we won't be allowed to talk about anything here.

Mind you, you have a key on your keyboard, whatever device you are using -- as long as it has any one -- called delete. Why not to use it? Are you afraid of breaking it? :)


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Em 10/03/2019 20:38, Dale Leavens escreveu:



Is there anything at all that can be added to this subject?


It isn’t happening.  Get over it already! Or take it to the chat group.

Dale Leavens

On Mar 10, 2019, at 7:29 PM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

On Sun, Mar 10, 2019 at 07:10 PM, ADRIAN POCOCK wrote:

Did nvda work on them.

Given the radical difference in processor architecture and lack of a keyboard, for starters, it's highly doubtful.

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