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Yes, I'm a long-standing customer of Aliexpress, and I love it.



Il 11/03/2019 08:14, Julia ha scritto:
Aliexpress is good and very accessible. I've ordered few things and it went quite nicely.

On 11.03.2019 07:30, Mallard wrote:

It doesn't.

when I tried it a few months ago, it looked very accessible at first glance, but then I discovered that, although I could read teh prices of all items, I couldn't read what the prices were for. In other words, it reads the prices, but not the products... Not very useful!

I meant to try Aliexpress, but never got around to do so.



Il 11/03/2019 01:58, Devin Prater ha scritto:
If anyone tries it on Android, I'd love to know if it works better there.

Get Outlook for iOS <>

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It's hardly usable at all on mac os, so I get the feeling as of now we cannot use too dad as I know friends who have found thigns they love for very low prices.

Take care

On 10 Mar 2019, at 17:46, Devin Prater wrote:

    Yeah, its not accessible for me, either. I can barely use it on
    iOS, not sure about Android,.

    Get Outlook for iOS <>

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    This site is not accessible. I've tried many times to use it to
    order things for my daughter with no luck.

On Mar 10, 2019, at 7:24 PM, Adel Spence
<adelspence12@...> wrote:

chek your email
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Hello I am trying to get to read on the desktop computer

all I am seeing is a hole buynch of links with numbers any one
    ever used if so how can you tell what you are3 even
    looking at?


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