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Well we get of course here, but you can get links to the .com if you want to.

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In addition to what you mentioned above, geography can also be a factor in
determining what site you "get" to view. Some redirect according to IP
address. I think Amazon used to do this, though it doesn't seem to anymore
for and

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Many websites do present different content based on the browser they detect
is visiting them.

Sometimes this is good (eg: for mobile devices, they get the
mobile-optimised version), but sometimes it is bad.

I recommend contacting the admin of the website to tell them how this is
interfering with usability.


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There is a website called
Its a Canadian site, but has podcasts about accessible tech.
However, when I view it in foirefox or waterfox I cannot find a link to
the basic podcast address, only I tunes and some specific apps. However
when I visit it in Safari on the I phone I see the normal link leaving me
in the silly position of copying over the link feeds.bla bala to the pc
podcatcher address field manually. Is this a waterfox/firefox thing? or
is it me or perhaps an nvda thing. I'm using the latest beta of nvda
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