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They are after the heading, before the actual links to the episodes in both cases, but the with something else seems to show up on the Iphone but not in Firefox/waterfox. I guess it could be that the web site is under development and being fiddled with, I do not know. Anyway, I have subscribed and all the audio came down. Its just not as easy as it should have been.

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Are you saying you want an address to subscribe to a podcast? I see, using an older version of Chrome, specific episodes linked to, such as a link to Episode 72 of a podcast after a dewscription of it. Where are links to subscribe found when you look using another platform? At this point we have far too little information to say that it is at all likely the site is tailoring content. It may just be that this or that browser is showing code on the page that other browsers don't.

Here is the direct link to episode 72 of a podcast. I used to copy shortcut feature in Chrome, the same as copy link location in Firefox. Is the link to the general podcast series based on this link?

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Many websites do present different content based on the browser they detect is
visiting them.

Sometimes this is good (eg: for mobile devices, they get the mobile-optimised
version), but sometimes it is bad.

I recommend contacting the admin of the website to tell them how this is
interfering with usability.


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There is a website called
Its a Canadian site, but has podcasts about accessible tech.
However, when I view it in foirefox or waterfox I cannot find a link to
the basic podcast address, only I tunes and some specific apps. However
when I visit it in Safari on the I phone I see the normal link leaving me
in the silly position of copying over the link feeds.bla bala to the pc
podcatcher address field manually. Is this a waterfox/firefox thing? or
is it me or perhaps an nvda thing. I'm using the latest beta of nvda
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