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I think some of the strangest ones is where somebody who built the site left text in which the paper and ink colour is the same. Sighte people do not see this but we hear it.
In the most benign cases you here content goes here, but sometimes its a nasty swear word or a big pile of unrelated words, no doubt put there to make it match any search you fancy. Very naughty. Just another issue where screenreader use can be a bit confusing. Anyway topic drift warning, I'm not saying any more.

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Same case of the guy asking about breadcrumb yesterday, if it wasn't
you, I actually don't remember :)
"inserted" is an HTML tag which indicates that something was deleted and
some other thing is on the place of the old one now.
Suppose you have an original price for something but this thing is with
an off for a limited time. You may well want use the "inserted" HTML tag
to delete the price and replace it with the new one.
Actually, most of the time it's a combo of two tags, one to delete the
old and the other to insert the new content.
I forgot what the other tag is so you may google it if you want more info.
And, while it may be useless for some people, no, as far as I know,
there's no way of turning such announcement off using NVDA.


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Em 10/03/2019 15:18, Don H escreveu:
Sometimes I simply use the down and up arrow keys to review a web
page. In many cases Icome accross lines on the web page that start by
NVDA saying inserted followed by some useless info, What does the
term inserted mean in these cases?


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