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Devin Prater

I think Windows' advantage is that it has a good accessibility system for programs and screen readers to use. NVDA on Linux and Android would suffer the same as Orca and TalkBack do. The screen reader cannot, usually, get at more than what the operating system, whether it be Windows, Linux, or Android, gives it.


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Well, Windows has more than one screen reader too, hasn't it?



Il 10/03/2019 21:31, Travis Siegel ha scritto:
> Not sure what the point would be.
> NVDA is a windows application, there's no advantage to porting it to
> IOS or Android, since those platforms already have screen readers,
> (IOS even has one built-in), what would be the usage case for making
> another one?
> Android has multiple screen readers, so AI suppose another one there
> couldn't hurt, but it won't be NVDA, since porting a windows app to a
> linux environment isn't  really something that can be done easily, (or
> in some cases) at all, because of the way they work, and to be honest,
> NVDA falls into the second category.  To make a linux screen reader,
> you need to do things entirely differently than on a windows system. 
> Basically, it would be a matter of rewriting NVDA from scratch, and
> since there's already some very good screen readers for linux, Android
> and OSX, there's not much point to it.
> On 3/10/2019 11:16 AM, Sociohack AC wrote:
>> Are there any plans in the pipeline for developing an NVDA app for
>> Android and IOS? Is it possible?
>> Right now, Talkback and Voiceover do support external keyboard, but
>> it would be so much more convenient if there could be an NVDA
>> application for mobile phones with similar commands as that of a PC.
>> What do you guys think?
>> --
>> Regards,
>> Sociohack
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