Re: Zoomtext and nvda



Thank you for your response.

Who told you that win 7 doesn't have full screen magnification, a salesman for Zoomtext.

If you have win7 if you go to personalisation, charge theme to the first in the list that support aero and not basic, classic and high contrast. The latter do not support aero thus not allowing full screen mag.  Take it for a spin, when mag is invoked from ease of access you can change from options, this would have been greyed out when not supported by the theme.

Hope this helps and save you and others money.

Regards Adrian Pocock

On 11/03/2019 03:55, Desert Moon via Groups.I wrote:

Hello Adrian,


Windows 7 does not offer full screen magnification. If this is what you need, do explore ZoomText 2019.You can download it from:


It runs in a 40-minute demo mode. Not portable. That version is sold in a USB stick.


Windows 10 offers some high contrast modes and colour filters. Unless you need a peculiar colour scheme, I do not see why you need ZoomText. When it comes to screen reading, NVDA gives you much more than ZoomText can.



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