Re: Password Protection Software

Felix G.

BitLocker is a component of some Windows versions and its functionality is exactly what you are looking for, namely, securing drives.
Then of course there is TrueCrypt, which is no longer officially maintained but has been independently audited and deemed secure. TrueCrypt is free and open source.
Kind regards,
Felix Grützmacher

Jolene Cardenas <joe.haiku@...> schrieb am Mi., 29. Juni 2016 um 02:34 Uhr:

Hello everyone,

Can someone please suggest a password protection software that is
compatible with both Windows 10 and NVDA?
I am looking for one I could use to password-protect  a couple of big
external hard drives and a couple of Flash Drives, but I'm unsure how
to go about the search for such a program.
Thank you.



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