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Has anyone here using 2019.1 beta had any strange hang ups? The effect in for example explorer or even in Jarte and other bits of software seems to be that the currently highlighted or focussed word is all you can here, though it registers the keypresses, its not really clear if things are moving, I suspect not.

If anyone has had this, can they perhaps while in the problem try an nvda/f1 and post the result. Also anyone who fancies losing access to their add ons, turn them off and see if it still happens.
Of course restarting nvda will fix the issue and it might not then happen for days, but I and at least one other person never had this prior to this version so if there is a bug there, it would be nice to find it.
Also of course if you can see the log part containing the problem paste that as well.

I am using windows 7 myself.
Sods law dictated that the last time it happened when I had time to investigate it was in a program that hardly anyone will be using, so its hare to determine what was going on, but yesterday it happened twice while renaming and copying files in Explorer

Note no error tones are heard.
Debug should be set for the full details before it happens.

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