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That's why I only use Windows Defender.
It does get the job done and don't cause me any trouble. Just wonderful I'd say.

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Em 11/03/2019 09:16, Shaun Everiss escreveu:

To be honest with exception of bgt, antimalware tools seem to go after a lot of blindness related programs for no reason I can see.

I have excluded my entire data drive on the workstation as well as several folders on my c drive from getting scanned which itself does put my risk up a little, however its that or loose files.

I don't trust security programs especially those that take over control.

On 12/03/2019 1:03 AM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Well it is true that some anti virus solutions use techniques borrowed from malware to make themselves extremely hard to  corrupt or remove, because of course they become a legitimate target for malware themselves. however there are limits to what I'd  accept, and Avast has crossed this line for me, being unusable in nvda and almost unremovable even with its own uninstaller and corrupting something when it is removed.
However if you have an Intel based pc, MSSE will still work with the older version of nvda and is still updating here at any rate on windows 7 and XP and OK with nvda. With a bit of effort Superantispyware works well in the free version though some object and screen navigation is required at times for nvda to run correctly, and there seems no way to tick the box for unwanted software like rogue toolbars that nvda can see.

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i use windows xp and love it very much, except some of its limitations.
but i dont trust any antivirus programs and never use them!

On 3/11/19, Chris via Groups.Io <chrismedley@...> wrote:
I think the lack of updates after 2020 are probably the least of your
worries if you are currently not using any type of antivirus program

From: Monte Single
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Subject: [nvda] using win 7 after january 2020

Microsoft will stop issuing updates for win 7 next January.
I have read comments that win 7 can be used safely after this time if some
conditions are followed.I understand these to be;
---a current browser such as firefox or chrome,
---an accessible antivirus and malware program.
What are antivirus and malware programs that will work with nvda in win 7?
Are there other items that I should consider if I choose to use win 7 after
January 2020?

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