Re: using win 7 after january 2020


On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 08:09 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
As Joseph seems to have to keep on updating the essentials add on the changes have to be significant.
Joseph can (and will) certainly jump in on this himself, but what I've observed suggests that these updates were far less about Windows 10, per se, than staging for future NVDA development.   The last update was at the end of last September and is noted for NVDA 2018.3 to 2019.1.

Add-On Updater seems to be in constant spin as other add-ons "jump on the bandwagon" that allow it to work with it, and that's separate from Windows 10, per se, too.

I'm sure I'll be corrected, and accept it, if I'm wrong.

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