Re: o t, dvd wripper


If, by rip, you mean copy, then I don't know of any.   Copy protections on DVDs is significantly tighter than on CDs, for example, which have been easily duplicated for years.

If, by rip, you mean transferring to computer storage for later viewing, that's something else entirely.  Ripping generally refers to doing this, but it's unclear here.

Also, even though I'm responding, I'm going to start making a point of the fact that topics such as this one, which have nothing to do with NVDA either directly or indirectly, should be started on the chat subgroup, not here.  As there is not, as yet, a move function I'm allowing these to stay, for the moment, but in the coming weeks will be locking them and asking that people initiate any topic where the answer to the question, "Is this about using NVDA to accomplish some task or about configuring NVDA?," is, "No," in the chat subgroup.

We have the privilege of a community arrangement where anyone in the community can ask about anything "not NVDA" or discuss pretty much anything in a dedicated venue where other community members can choose to join if they wish.   The main group needs to come back to a much tighter NVDA focus, and will.

For those who have not yet subscribed to the chat subgroup here, again, are the addresses for that subgroup:

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