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thanks brian

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and also it is using NVDA to do it
Thanks for your clarification not only about specific need, but about using NVDA with said ripper software.

We get lots of questions about software recommendations in general that there's not a single question about how to use them with NVDA (even though I presume that's how they're being used).  Sometimes it's just obvious how to use them with a screen reader and sometimes it's not.  Also, sometimes conversations are intended to focus on deep discussion of the feature set of a given piece of software, and all its keyboard shortcuts and the like.   When it's pretty much strictly in that vein, it's really not NVDA related, either.

I doubt that there will ever be a case where there is 100% purity with regard to "is NVDA involved," but those framing their questions know whether the thrust of what they want to discuss relates to using NVDA with a given piece of software or just about the other software itself.  One could, for instance, have a weeks-long conversation regarding using Microsoft Office without ever once mentioning a screen reader command (though the occasional mention is almost certain to occur).

Good luck in finding a solution that "plays well" with NVDA.

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