Re: using win 7 after january 2020

Vytautas Ziedelis

Sorry if this comment seems a bit off topic, I understand that but the reason for this is very important. Please read below and you understand why
Hello  dear group members, I am looking for people who finished or currently attending higher education.  I am doing a research for my 4th year project that involves analysis of experiences in higher education for blind and visually impaired individuals.
It is a questionnaire type of research, I totally get it if you think that not today, or someone else will do it, I'm really asking you to do it, because this research is very important,
I know answering survey questions is in the best time spent and it is annoying however please, please provide your feedback.
I struggled in higher education myself for 4 years, but I am finally in the 4th year last semester.    of my IT course. From my own experience I understand that many blind and visually impaired individuals have a hard time while studying in higher education due to the various reasons related to visual requirements of the course or support and understanding from the lecturers.
That is exactly the reason for this project, and therefore every answer is very important not for my project only, but also for all of us.
Some of you may answered this questionnaire before because it was posted before , however it is a new survey because I screwed that previous survey,  I had to fix the mistakes in the old one. And the outcome is that I had to create a new survey because platform didn't allow to modified the questions.
If you answered this survey previously I really appreciate that please do it again because I am lacking responses for the new one I had 44 in the previous one and a new one has only 11 responses thus far.
thank you very much for your help I really appreciate that, it is a tough job getting responses to the surveys, because I am aware that people like to skip them and understand why because it seems uninteresting,  but this 1 I think is important for blind and visually impaired community I designed that myself and that comes from my own experiences.
I am Leaving the link below so you can participate in find more about the questionnaire

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