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Hello Brian

Yes, I will be using a specific font, and the international phonetic alphabet. Maybe I should take this off list and email you privately unless there are other linguists on list who might be interested and would want to use NVDA to read phonemes to them. In which case they might benefit from the discussion. In the meantime, Brian, I'll email you off list.



On 12-Mar-19 11:52 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

          As someone with a master's in speech-language pathology (which involves a lot of "linguistics lite") I think I know what you're requesting.  There are a number of questions, issues, though.

          Am I safe in presuming that the text you need read phoneme by phoneme will be written using the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)?   If so, are you using a specific IPA font, as that can matter.  I know that Doulos SIL is a popular open-source font that supports the full IPA (even though most of us really don't come anywhere near to using the full IPA, diacritics and all, unless we're linguists, and often not even then).

          I am presuming that the word "sash", for example, would be written as three phonetic characters that you wish to have read as, ess AE-vowel esh

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