Re: Add on updates

Ron Canazzi

Hi Ian,

I have also seen this.  However, I think it's simply a function of when the updates are recognized and a time out error.  That is to say, if I leave the computer on and it is more than several minutes and I try activating the update add on button, I get the error.  If I get the alert and am near the computer and right away, I activate the update add on button, I don't get the error.

On 3/11/2019 4:16 PM, Ian Westerland wrote:
Hi. I am using the NVDA latest Beta and, it is working well.  When I am notified that there are Add on updates when first starting NVDA, the update shows an error message when I attempt the update from the notification.  When I go to the update Add on from the NVDA menu, it works as usual----well and efficiently.

Has anyone else had the issue with the Add on update notification?

Ian Westerland

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