Re: using win 7 after january 2020


yikes! ouch!
At 06:22 PM 3/12/2019, you wrote:

Well I wouldn't try to update a first generation duel core 64 bit to win10 sadly a client did that.

It was a joke performance wize, eventually something went bang, and the logic security board for the heavily encripted hard drive with everything on it became a useless pile of slag.

Without the security keys and the board nothing could be recovered from it.

With some help a hacker known by the tech the drive was sent to managed to forensicly extract all the data.

The data itself is not dammaged, but all files are in multiple fragments, no names, no folder structure, nothing.

Its been backed up but I have yet to see and reorganise everything.

On 12/03/2019 3:27 PM, Arlene wrote:

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