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Hi Brian,


There’s an easier way to get a whole manual to a single file.


Make sure they are numbered such as Chapter01.txt, Chapter02.txt, etc.  Now use the command “Copy *.txt manual.txt, and all is done.


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In a Command Prompt window, if I hit CTRL+Home it takes me back to the beginning of the command prompt session and starts reading from the line that gives the Microsoft Version (which is the first line and keeps on going).

That being said, if you really want to review the output of a command where you've used the slash question mark switch, it's much easier to redirect the output to a text file so that you can open that in Notepad or the text editor of your choice to review at your leisure.

For example, in a command prompt session, if you enter the following:

DIR /? > %HOMEPATH%\Diroptions.txt

the file Diroptions.txt will exist under C:\Users\{your user}.  When you open command prompt, you're already sitting in your HOMEPATH folder.  If you want you could also specify:

DIR /? > .\Diroptions.txt

and Diroptions.txt will be in the very folder you're sitting in when you run the DIR command (provided you're somewhere you have permission to write to).  You technically don't even have to have the period and backslash before the text file name if you want it to be placed in the same folder where you're currently sitting.

If you want to put the manual pages for more than one command into a single text file, use the redirect, >, operator for the first command output, but for all the other ones you want tacked on after that use the append, >>, operator instead.


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