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I do however have a supplemental question. What is the difference between a sub group and a different group, ie
What it boils down to is that a subgroup is, for all practical intents and purposes, another group but with restricted membership.  Under the schema the only people who can be members of a subgroup must be members of the main group first and remain a member of the main group.  If one unsubscribes from the parent group one is automatically unsubscribed from all subgroups for that parent group one might have joined.

So you must be a member of the NVDA Group itself before you can join the Chat Subgroup, and you can, of course, be only a member of the NVDA Group without joining the Chat Subgroup.

The way I see it, from a practical standpoint and particularly for technical groups, is that the arrangement can be and often is used to foster a sense of community while at the same time keeping the main group with its technical focus while the chat subgroup is for "hanging out with your cyber friends/acquaintances" from the main group and discussing whatever you wish.

With all the complaints about "too much traffic" that I see (and I don't necessarily mean only here), the seeming resistance to using the controls to let you limit traffic in many cases, and the natural desire for folks who know each other and trust each other on one thing often wanting to reach out about something else, the group/subgroup schema can keep all parties - those desiring something close to topic purity, and those who wish to be able to venture farther afield - happy and out of each other's respective hair and inboxes.

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