Re: Finally, got an alt tab breaking log, I think

Sarah k Alawami

Sure. I can try that. I can't remember of when I first started noticing the issue if the alt tab thing was happening or not but I can try that over the next few days.

Take care

On 12 Mar 2019, at 13:22, Jackie wrote:

Looks like it's a fault in the audio themes addon. Are you running
that, Sarah? If so, could you please try disabling it to see if the
problem continues?

On 3/12/19, Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@...> wrote:

did, every time I dl from 1drive I don't need to. Bu for thsoe that
don't want 1drive try this link

On 12 Mar 2019, at 11:18, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:

That link wants a log in, you should use dropbox its less annoying.

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Well, alt tab broke so got the log right when it happened and
nvda . I was trying to write this on windows but thunder bird
so badly I could not write the email.

Anyway here is a link to the log file.!AOtt0hSM2KdVjyQ

I hope that helps someone. It happened at about 9 something pdt this

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