Weather Plus 5.0 update available

Adriano Barbieri

Hi to every one,

After more than 2 months it is back in operative :)

Changes in this new version:

• Weather Plus now uses the APIXU API, in my opinion better than the previous one;
To work requires an API key, read the Weather Plus First Settings.html for instructions (highly recommended).
#Changes in the Weather Plus Settings window:
• Removed old checkbox "State of barometric pressure".
• Replaced with new checkbox "Add cloudiness value";
It gives you the percentage of cloudiness.
• Added new checkbox "Add precipitation value";
It gives you the amount in millimeters or inches of precipitation.
• Removed old checkbox "Indicates the wait with a beep while you search for the latest bulletin";
Left active by default.
• Added to the Astronomic informations;
Time of moonrise and moonset.
• Added new button "Rename";
To rename cities more conveniently.
• Improved function of the "Test" button;
Now accept some commands to facilitate the search for cities;
These new commands are described in the help function that can be called up with F1.
• Added button to manage your API key.

Weather Plus can update itself, however you can download it directly from:

or from the pages:

If the file extension arrives as .zip,please correct it with .nvda-addon.



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