Sticky selection won't go away

Cearbhall O'Meadhra



I am applying conditional formatting to certain rows in a multipage workbook in Excel 2016.


After I have successfully set up the new formatting and applied it to the worksheet, I find NVDA calling out a selected range of cells that is not the one that the formatting applies to but I have no further need for any selection, so, I press escape with the intention of dismissing the selection. However, no matter what keys I press I cannot get the selection to cease. Also, I cannot move to any other worksheet. I try pressing NVDA+space to move to focus mode but still I cannot move from the worksheet.


The only way to break from the selection is to save the worksheet so that my conditional formatting is not lost and exit Excel. When I reopen Excel on the same workbook, it opens, as you would expect, on the same worksheet where I was working. The selection is still showing. But, this time I can press NVDA+space to switch to focus mode and then I can press control+page down to go to the next worksheet and all is well.  


Even when I return to the worksheet where I applied the formatting, the selection is still active. The only difference is that it is no longer trapping the cursor.


All ideas welcome! Please let me know if you have a solution to this annoying problem.



All the best,




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