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Jaffar Sidek <jaffar.sidek10@...>

It is true that notifications pop up when changes are made to shared files and folders.  I have shared folder accounts with at least three blind music making related communities, so files and folders get deleted or added quite frequently.  Cheerers.

On 3/13/2019 8:34 PM, Gene wrote:

I suspect that these windows come up when something changes, someone adds a file or removes it that you are sharing folders with.  It may come up when the program is first run, but one person reported that the window comes up about every half hour, another person reported about every hour.  I doubt there is any general rule about how often they come up. 
The following may have a useful suggestion but my understanding of just what is occurring may not be correct.  But whatever is done about this unreadable window problem, my suggestion about how such information is displayed may be useful. 
Probably what is needed is the ability to turn such notifications completely off or alter it in some sort of accessibility setting so the information can be checked periodically by the blind person to see announcements about what has changed without them being read automatically.  I expect this can be done.  The information could be displayed in the system tray so a blind person can go to it and read it without a help balloon or a toast announcement being generated.  Information can change constantly if desired in the system tray without a screen-reader reading it if it just changes.  This should be an accessibility setting that can be turned on in preferences.  Should it be on by default when a screen-reader is detected?  I'll leave that for others to discuss. 
I think it is important for entities to develop a unified position on this feature and whether it should be on automatically when a screen-reader is detected.  In general, as things are, those who are complaining are just complaining about removing the wwindow.  But that doesn't address the underlying problem, making the information available and not intruding on screen-reader use.
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H I didn’t know that. Well that’s good to know.


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From: Ron Canazzi
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Hi Group,


While this Drop Box issue is an annoyance, it goes away within a few minutes after system boot on my computer.  Are others having the phantom windows stay visible indefinitely?


On 3/12/2019 10:57 PM, Gene wrote:

I'm sure if the program weren't running, you wouldn't get such notifications.  But some people want the program to be constantly running and for those people this would be a problem.  And even if you have the program run at boot up, you can close it in the system tray.



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Would simply disabling it from Startup stop these invisible Dropbox windows from popping up?, or would the notifications also need to be turned off?


On 3/12/2019 8:17 PM, Curtis Delzer wrote:

it certainly is, and until you turn off drop box, though you might like to know if a friend or colleague sends you stuff or gets stuff, you have to put up with this s**t.

On 3/11/2019 12:52 PM, Lino Morales wrote:

Its annoying as hell.


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That is correct – it’s not a notification. It is a box that comes up over and over though.



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For me, this is not a notification.  It looks exactly like the screen that comes up when I click the dropbox button in the system tray/user notifications area of windows 10.



On 3/11/2019 11:11 AM, Dave Grossoehme wrote:

Good Morning:  I read this information a little late.  However, I check notifications, which are in settings and the notification for Drop Box is uncheck.



On 2/25/2019 5:10 AM, Gene wrote:

Has anyone looked through options in Dropbox to see if anything is available about not showing notifications or messages?  These are, presumably, shown in the system tray.  I almost never use DropBox, though I have it, and I usually don't have it running.  I don't know if I have the latest version.  But the first thing I would do is look through the options to see if anything is available.  I may check later today but it might be better if someone checks who uses it regularly, and knows they have the problem version.  Presumably, I either do or it would update if I leave it on.



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The whole thrust of it for us is that you can hear when new updates come in.
To try to schedule everything at the studio will cause our non tech folk a

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Is there any reason to have it running constantly?  You can exit it and only
run it when you want to use it.

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From: James Scholes
Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2019 9:32 AM
Subject: [nvda] Invisible Dropbox pop-ups

Hi all,

I'm running Dropbox v68.3.92.  Approximately every half an hour or so,
NVDA's focus is being moved to a Dropbox window which only seems to
contain a single, blank edit field.  The window doesn't seem to stay on
the screen, but focus isn't returned to where it was previously after it
disappears.  In fact, NVDA reports it as taking up a rectangle of 0
pixels, so I don't know if anything shows up visually on the screen at all.

As you can imagine, having to dismiss these boxes several times per day
is irritating.  Does anybody have a work-around?


James Scholes

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