Re: Some issues with NVDA's reading


I tried this with Eloquence, eSpeak and SAPI5 Default, all are making
that result...

2016-06-30 16:52 GMT+03:00, John Sanfilippo <>:


I only wonder how much depends on what speech synth is in use.


John s

On 6/30/16 14:47, Paulius wrote:
Hi group!
I just found some strange NVDA's reading issues that I think need to be
I will write 3 same sentences but with diffrent punctuation.:
Any questions?
Any questions??
Any questions ?
So, what's the difference? NVDA doesn't show these are the questions
when the question mark is after space or when it is more than 1
question mark into the same sentence.

I hope this will be fixed.
Paulius Leveris

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