Re: My problem is about Libre Office


Hi list,
for pure browsing a LibreOffice file I often use the preview in web browser which one finds in the File Menu.

zahra schrieb:

using f5 you can activate navigator.
then for example: nvda says: tables collapsed.
you can press right arrow to expand it and use down arrow key to
navigate between the table numbers.
then press enter on it.
note, unfortunately tables, endnotes, footnotes, comments, are not
very accessible with screen readers and i dont use navigator most of
the times!

On 3/13/19, Surendra JUJJAVARAPU <> wrote:
Thank you can you please help me how to navigate through heading some
tables in libreoffice where can I get this option in libreoffice thank you
so much for responding my query

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019, 7:42 PM zahra <> wrote:

unfortunately libreoffice does not support brows mode, but you can use
navigator to move between items like: tables, headings, frames,
sections, indexes, etc and press enter on it.

On 3/13/19, Surendra JUJJAVARAPU <> wrote:
Hi friends my name is Surendra I have a doubt it is not a doubt
am facing a problem library office
The browse mode is works very fine with MS office but I can't afford
much price on MS office
But the browse mode is not working in libreoffice can you please give
this update on future and video thank you

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