Re: Invisible Dropbox pop-ups

Tony Malykh

I highly suspect these windows are invisible - Dropbox wouldn't ship an update that annoys sighted users every hour with a useless window like this. That would be too egregious of a bug.

On 3/13/2019 9:23 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
Is it possible for someone to take a screen shot when this is occurring and e-mail it to me (as they can't be attached here)?

Under Win10 you should be able to hit WinKey+PrtSc and have a PNG file automatically created in your Pictures library in a folder named ScreenShots.  Under Windows 7 I would think just PrtSc should work to capture the screen, but you'd then have to paste it into Paint or similar to save it.

There may be something in what's presented that might allow me to propose a workaround.  I'm just not willing to go so far as to install and start playing with DropBox on my own machine.

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