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Michael Munn

Mah i ask what is this update about? I just got a notification from my computer that it will start after the hour. 
So far of all the bickerin I have not got any inportant detail on this update. 

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mine got rid of all my personal files, so had to re-do all from backup. When I updated to 09 windows' that is.

On 3/13/2019 1:28 PM, Gene wrote:
What do you mean by trashed the operating system?  I suppose that beyond a certain point, the process wouldn't be able to run but I don't recall hearing of updates doing that much damage, although I suppose its possible in rare, perhaps very rare cases.
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Well not if its trashed the operating system as it just did to a friend of 
mines machine it won't!

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I almost never start off topic threads.  If this is not considered 
appropriate, let me know.  This seems to me to be a very important news 
story, however.

Here is a story from Kim Komando about how Microsoft is finally really doing 
something to deal with problems caused by its seemingly unending record of 
bad updates.  It's past time

If this works as its supposed to, it may save a lot of users serious 



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