Re: Some issues with NVDA's reading

Chris Mullins

Have you altered the Punctuation/Symbols/pronunciation settings in the NVDA preferences menu to try and obtain your desired results?

Personally, I think the first sentence is syntactically correct and should speak with rising intonation at the end without announcing the question mark symbol and the other two sentences should announce the question mark symbols. I achieved this by by setting the sentence ending question to all and always and the question mark symbol to most and below symbol level.


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Hi group!
I just found some strange NVDA's reading issues that I think need to be fixed:
I will write 3 same sentences but with diffrent punctuation.:
Any questions?
Any questions??
Any questions ?
So, what's the difference? NVDA doesn't show these are the questions when the question mark is after space or when it is more than 1 question mark into the same sentence.

I hope this will be fixed.
Paulius Leveris

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