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enes sarıbaş


I just press up arrow and hit enter on the HTML link.

On 3/11/2019 11:57 PM, Corey Collins wrote:

Hello NVDA Group

Has anyone stumbled across the following navigation issue using NVDA and Google Scholar? Discovered working with a university student trying to conduct research.

Go to Google Scholar and conduct a search. As an example, go to the following search 'traits characteristic entrepreneur'.

Navigate the page using the H key to jump to each H3 search result, the H key will focus to the H3 link and you can navigate to the search result.

Some results appear with a [HTML] or [PDF] reference at the start of the H3, this reference is a SPAN tag nested inside the H3 but not within the link reference.

When you navigate to the search result with this reference, the H3 is read out but focus is not directed to the link. If you tab back and forwards you will eventually focus to the link to navigate to the search result.

In the above example, try navigating to the 4th search result, which has a [HTML] reference at the start of the search result.

In the student’s experience, this proved difficult to effectively navigate to search results with the HTML/PDF reference at the start.

This issue does not occur in other screen readers like VoiceOver.

If the HTML/PDF text is wrapped within the H3 and link reference it works fine.

Does anyone have a workaround besides tabbing back and forward? Or is this a bug?


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