Re: Nvda and the International phonetic Alphabet, (IPA)

enes sarıbaş


There is an open issue for this. Could you examine the following issue, and perhaps comment?

On 3/12/2019 7:18 PM, Lev wrote:



I have noticed that  espeak reads some symbols of the international phonetic alphabet; however, this can not be done by other synthetic voices, so my question is this:

How to make that nvda reads correctly those symbols regardless of the synthetizer?

Or, how to make that other synthetizers read those symbols?  For instance, vocalizer.


I got the Unicode transcription for all the symbols that I want.

The syntaxis is this:


Where the term “ash” is the proper name for that particular symbol.


So, is there a file inside the installation folder of nvda or user settings  where I can paste  that syntaxis to have nvda reading all those symbols?


Thanks for any info.



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