Re: listing open windows with NVDA


If I'm not going wrong, there was an add-on that would allow us to see all the windows opened at the time, including, I think, those you are talking about.

I don't remember the add-on's name, though. Sorry :(

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How do you find floating windows with NVDA other than using the object nav? In Jaws there is a hot key that shows all open app and windows. I cannot find a similar command.


A floating window for those who might not know the terminology. Is a window that is open by a program and is not attached to the program and some of them are not even attached to the application ring (alt tab). If the program does not place the focus correctly into the window. Then you cannot access the window by the keyboard. Thus the workaround which Jaws provides of listing all the windows helps here.


Hope someone can help.


Second question, just thought of. Are you able to remap keys in NVDA?


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