Re: a way to lock the nvda key?


I actually was thinking about a way for making this add-on or whatever it may be.

I have concluded that if an add-on can keep an eye on the user's keyboard and commands they type, it's just a matter of, if it's on, each time such user press a valid key to perform any NVDA action, it would add the NVDA key to the command.

I don't know if it's possible nor if it's easy as I just described, though, as I'm not a developer. But that's my two cents :)

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Em 14/03/2019 23:36, Travis Siegel escreveu:

I didn't mean the enter key on the number pad, I meant the enter key on the main keyboard, but regardless, it was just a suggestion, any key combination will do.

On 3/14/2019 7:21 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

I thought nvda enter did somethingn already, or am I getting my views confused? It's ben a very very long day, and it's not yet over . Lol!

On 14 Mar 2019, at 14:49, Travis Siegel wrote:

It really wouldn't be that difficult for the developers to add a simple toggle (maybe something like nvda-enter), that would simply act like the nvda key was down no matter what other key you hit.  If I can find this numlock add-on, perhaps I'll hack that to do this myself.  I'm an experienced programmer, but python is not my language of choice, and NVDA specifically is not a program to which I have familarized myself with it's source code, so having samples of something to see how it's done would make creating a different add-on to toggle the nvda key into always on mode wouldn't be that hard at that point, but this is something one of the regular NVDA developers would have little trouble completing.  Perhaps an enhancement request should be submitted, and someone could add it as time permits.

On 3/14/2019 1:37 PM, Gene wrote:
How would you lock it, however, without using sticky keys in general?  Using sticky keys, you can lock it as you can any sticky key but my understanding is that the desire is to have only that key be locked. 
NVDA, if you press the modifier twice, passes the second command to Windows, so if you press insert twice, you have pressed it once, as far as Windows is concerned.  If you press caps lock twice, you lock or unlock caps lock because you have actually passed the keystroke to Windows once.  So some other means of locking the key would be wanted because you wouldn't want to lose that ability.
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Locking the NVDA key is most certainly possible, it has nothing to do
with whether it's a microsoft program or another one, it's just a matter
of keyboard interception, which is something NVDA already does.

On 3/14/2019 12:37 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
> But is this not part of Mac OS to start with? I'm not sure if the
> Windows system allows  external software to act this way. After all
> voice over is an apple program but nvda is not made by Microsoft.
> Brian
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>> I want to lock the modifier what ever that is in terms of nvda. After
>> all, I can  do it in vo with the capslock or the vo keys with one key
>> stroke, all the modifiers are locked no matter what I choose and I can
>> just press let's ssay shift down to interact etc or f to find somethingn
>> or g to find next. Look, one hand. Lol! I want to do this in nvda to
>> make some of the command seaiser especially when I'm doing  a lot  at
>> once.
>> Take care
>> On 14 Mar 2019, at 1:15, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
>>> I think the person wanted it on caps lock but that key is already
>>> multi purpose for caps so adding even more confusion might be a bit
>>> like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, so to speak.
>>> This is almost where some kind of hardware device would be handy to
>>> be used to  stick on and turn off a programmed set off keys .
>>> Brian
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>>> As has already been mentioned, Sticky Keys is toggle-able, and almost
>>> everyone I know who uses it does just that. Even though the default
>>> toggle is five sequential presses of the SHIFT key, that can be done
>>> very quickly.
>>> The message when toggling says it affects CTRL, SHIFT, ALT, and
>>> WinKey. I just tested it though, with the NumPad Insert when in NVDA
>>> and it was sticky-ing it, too, as you get a tone when that's active.
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