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I was out shopping so never got the start of this.

The cops got 4 people, no idea why they went nuts.

I am not muslam but there were community leaders that spoke about that, everyone is holding on tight.

Australia has had a few attacks, its logical we may get 1 or 2, especially since we started supporting the international terror fighting forces.

Of course back when the us was a good place.

There is so much war in the eastern parts of the war, and its never ending.

Of course my fear is not so much the terrorist attack today but exactly how stable the international forces fighting them are.

With trump venting every 5 minutes, and threatening to pull out of the fight and all the issues in america with all the school shootings, part of me thinks if the people on one side of the world want to take eachother out, who am I to stop that, some of these wars have been going on for ages and will not stop any time soon.

And as far as that is that would be fine except in the last half century, for whatever reason or another the us mainly and maybe a few other western countries decided to take sides in wars that were not our own, for our own selfish reasons be it resources or whatever.

As a result this current issue is our fault partly and maybe fully.

To be honest after hearing the mistakes in arak, and the news about what happened in irak, and now afganistan with the village that got torchered by western soldiers not to mention a few other things going on, pluss all the issues with us supporting sides for our own reasons, its no wander we are being attacked.

The muslams at least some of them even back to before isis probably have a real good reason to hate us, I know I would if I were on the other side.

What is really sad is that we like to cover our asses when anything wrong happens over with our agents, and soldiers, and we probably cover more up than we reveal.

Everyone has their own agendas, some of them are good, and some of them mean well but don't come out right.

THat line, the road to hell is paved with good intentions sort of rings here.

Oil got us into the east, and look at the trouble its caused us.

Even if you take out all the wars and corrupt governments we technically invaded their terratory, to steal their stuff then went back.

Its happened before to races not muslam or not even like us, in new zealand the maori, in australia the abos, in the us the blacks.

Some say all these agendas are going on, probably will for ever.

Point is I doubt its a cut and dried situation.

It just had to happen in christchurch though which is a bit of a blow, after 3 earthquakes that did a lot of dammage to the central city they have this.

Yesterday a local politition was attacked, today is also a climate change student strike.

One thing is for sure, there is no fake news, we are not blaming the muslams for the attack everyone including the government is holding solid.

The fact we have tried to be as secure as we can doesn't rule it out.

Saying that, being on one side of the war against terror has always got me thinking that we will eventually catch some flack.

Well today we have, its ma relief that maybe it was our day, it may not happen again hopefully but there is always a chance.

Everyone is staying open, the difference unlike australia our closest naighbour we are not holding people with out charge in detention centres till they go home.

Stopping all the alegals aand chriminals I sort of half supported, but that pluss none of us having rights over there anymore basically means that our closest nation is isolating itself and that is more of a concern than this terror attack actually is.

Its not really effected us as such but maybe we are lucky, maybe we just rumble through it like we always do.

Especially since one of those attackers came from australia.

That country is closing up big time and it is a concern.

People have attempted to have us close down, but extra security and barriors may just make things worse.

We are mostly peacefull and neutral and I think for now we will stay that way.

No one is crying for revenge not even the local muslam community leaders, our country is a reasonably safe place after all as long as its a 1 off and such.

Even though the news has not shown what went on fully actual hacked coppies of the entire event have made it to some of the international chat groups my family is on in other bits of the world and in aisian countries so a lot of people know and are sharing via whatsapp the entire thing in graphic detail.

Just like the quakes though I was out shopping and only noticed that there was news when they shouldn't have been any on my usually quiet dance station.

It is a concern if there are more and in bigger citties, this was targeted though.

I do hope that this event dies down quickly now we have the bad guys in jail and soon.

Reporting this and keeping it going isn't good for the country.

This guy was targeting either muslams or refugees for some reason, I feel numb to all the wars going on and part of

On 15/03/2019 9:28 PM, Mallard wrote:
Hello friend from New Zealand,

I woke up to very sad news this morning.

I heard about the at least 40 killed and many injured people in Christchurch, and my heart broke.

Please, embrace your country on my behalf.

These things open deep wounds in the entire community, whether we're touch personally or not by the attacks.

My heart goes out to the victims' loved ones, and to the entire country.

A big hug from the antipodes,


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