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When asked they always say they will release it on other platforms, but I suspect its quite low down the pecking order. The whole project is in fact a way to get feedback on their AI system as far as I can tell, and as such I'd have thought putting it on other platforms might help them tweak the thing. Maybe they have had other priorities like making sure Windows 10 does not brick 1 in 10 machines every half year... grin.
Incidentally Seeing AI had an update yesterday, and Be My Eyes has added Google helpdesk to their free pro help section.
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Microsoft isn't even porting Seeing AI to Android... I don't think
they'll want to make it available for Windows, but I hope I'm wrong...



Il 15/03/2019 04:23, Kwork ha scritto:
As the Seeing AI app for the iPhone is a Microsoft product, I wonder if there is an equivalent, either as an NVDA add-on, or through using the Windows 10 operating system somehow, either through a store app or something built-in that NVDA or narrator can access, to describe photos. I've had almost no success using the NVDA+r command to OCR the current screen to do so, so wondered if there were more advanced options available as the iPhone app works reasonably well for what it is.



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