Re: μTorrent 3.5.4: NVDA does't read the name in the list of entries.


Actually this program has this little annoyance with NVDA, and I suspect it does with any screen reader.

As a workaround, when you reach the point where NVDA reports about the download in question, just press F2.

Yes, that's the command to rename a file, but doing it you'll be able to see the current name of the download you're focused into and after you're done with it you can just press esc to exit it without changing the info on the field.


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Em 15/03/2019 07:45, ChrisLeo escreveu:

in the lists of entries, like Download or inSeeding etc., apears a column for the names of each item in list.
NVDA reads from size column  to the following columns, but not the name of the selected entry.

Does anyone know    about uTorrent settings more friendly for NVDA?

I'm using NVDA 2018.4.1 and last beta 2019.1BETA1, uTorrent 3.5.4 portable.


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