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Oliver Edholm


If you're willing to put on the website that'd be awesome, more add-ons are coming soon as well!

A review is currently going on at,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,30298349

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me at oliver.edholm[at]

On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 03:49 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:



Until it goes up on the nvda community website I can add it to my website or at least a link to the page and the short cut to start it so more people can take it as they say for a test drive.

I will link it off the nvda add ons page on my website at

For more people to try it out  the add on author should have it put on the add on website and see what you have to do to meet its criteria.

Just been playing around with it to see what it says on images etc seems to work well. I might even try it on home photoes etc to see what it says and what is in it. My wife is usually good and gives a description of who or what it is as in naming the photo etc.

I noticed also if it is named it gives you other descriptions of what is in the image.


I will do this in the next day or so.

As in adding it to my website until it is approved.


Gene nz


On 15/03/2019 10:56 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
I installed it, but have not played with it.  It absolutely does show up in Add-On Manager if it is actually installed.

I will repeat the link to the reddit page that describes the add-on.  There is a link there to its download page:


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