Re: requesting link to chat group



          The original query was:  "Can anyone provide the link to the chat group? I have few tech questions, not related to NVDA."   The intent, at least to me, was clearly that the address information to the NVDA Chat Subgroup, which I'll repeat here, is what was being sought.

Rosemarie Chavarria kindly provided this information initially, and we've since had a lot of thread drift, which is not unusual.

The day is soon to be upon us when the kind of attention to the nature of the topic being introduced that was shown by Sociohack AC will begin being enforced.  That attention is appreciated.

People need to be asking themselves the simple question, "Is what I'm about to ask related to using NVDA to get something done, or about configuring NVDA itself?," and if the answer is, "Yes," it's an NVDA main group topic and if it's, "No," it's either an NVDA Chat Group topic or a topic for another group entirely depending on who they wish to have reading and responding.


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