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This appears to need clarification.
I was responding to Sarah's message in which she is talking about main, not chat groups.  I am not a member of Blindtechies but Blindtech is an active list with a good deal of traffic and a wide range of technical topics are discussed.  I simply wanted to make it clear that, without knowing about Blindtechies, Blindtech is a good blindness technology list. 
I didn't write what I meant to say in my other message.  I said that blindtechies is much less active.  But I should have said that I don't know anything about that list, I just wanted to discuss Blindtech.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] requesting link to chat group

It isn't clear what you are discussing.  the subject is for a link to a chat group.  Are you discussing that or the main lists?  Blindtech, the main list has a good deal more traffic.  I don't know how membership compares on the chat or the main lists. 
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I'm on this one as well, it in my humble opinion is much better and high traffic. and the moderators are wonderful.

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In case nobody came up with the address to the Blindtech list, it is

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Em 12/03/2019 13:06, Gene escreveu:
Perhaps there is more than one group with a similar name.  The Blindtech group, that is just named Blindtech is active.  I estimate I get about forty or fifty messages a day. 
I don't have the exact subscription address.  If someone doesn't send it, I'll check.
There is another similar list, Techtalk. 
To join, send a blank e-mail to:
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Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 10:51 AM
Subject: [nvda] requesting link to chat group

Can anyone provide the link to the chat group? I have few tech questions, not realted to NVDA. I tried the Blind tech group, but it's not very active.

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