Re: μTorrent 3.5.4: NVDA does't read the name in the list of entries.

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Then there is virtual recorder of course for audio.
However I agree that as set up a lot of torrent programs do take way too much processor power.
As for hiding who you are. The demise of sites like pirate bay has reduced the actual piracy aspect, thank goodness and when I did use it I only wanted stuff that the makers refused to supply for money, ie old software minority interest music etc.

You certainly needed patience and I do not condone the piracy that went on before, it was ridiculous. It was bound to attract law enforcement and quite rightly, as some people were trying to make a legitimate living. Brian

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To be honest, with all the piracy laws against things with torrents
being the most targeted form.

You can do what you want but you need a vpn to do it.

Though a report said that online streaming has taken a lot of the piracy

So if you want to crack all movies all day long, maybe you should just
get a netflicks subscription its only 10 bucks a month and you can run 3
users per profile.

Its what I have mentioned to some friends that are full video pirates
there is no need.

Music, well depending where you go, you can get cds etc still and some
of that is digital, most stuff costs between 10-25 bucks and if you want
only spaciffic songs and don't want to use amazon or something
compilations of things are still good.

Youtube music playlists exists as well as free online radio stations so
its got a bit better at least.

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I did stop using torrents as almost everything I got had viruses or
malware included in it or took literally weeks to get!

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Actually this program has this little annoyance with NVDA, and I
suspect it does with any screen reader.

As a workaround, when you reach the point where NVDA reports about
the download in question, just press F2.

Yes, that's the command to rename a file, but doing it you'll be
able to see the current name of the download you're focused into
and after you're done with it you can just press esc to exit it
without changing the info on the field.


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Em 15/03/2019 07:45, ChrisLeo escreveu:
in the lists of entries, like Download or inSeeding etc., apears
a column for the names of each item in list.
NVDA reads from size column to the following columns, but not
the name of the selected entry.

Does anyone know about uTorrent settings more friendly for NVDA?

I'm using NVDA 2018.4.1 and last beta 2019.1BETA1, uTorrent 3.5.4


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