Re: μTorrent 3.5.4: NVDA does't read the name in the list of entries.


thepiratebay is not dead. Again it's all about being aware of what you
are downloading and scanning the things you decide to download.

On 3/16/19, JM Casey <jmcasey@...> wrote:
Of course, with any software, but especially something like a torrent
client, it’s always advisable to know both the implications fo what you are
getting into, and how said software works.

I don’t know what version this started with, because I don’t recall this
ever happening on my XP machine, but uTorrent now stays running in the
background if you don’t close it using the file menu method. So, if you just
hit alt-f4 to close most of your programmes, as I usually do, you might not
be aware that the torrent client is still running and that torrents are
probably still active. It even automatically reloads when you reboot your
system. Literally the only way to properly and really shut it down is by
using the “close” option in the file menu. If a user is unaware of that,
well, then yeah, he might end up with the problem you described there.

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While I agree with the community sharing aspect of torrent-like software,
one does need to understand how they work and the implications of the
process. Here is one experience I had about ten years ago. I hope that
today's technology helps one manage this situation better.

A friend who was using a torrent service on his then new computer asked me
to help with a severe performance problem on his system. Everything he tried
to do on the PC was taking a very long time. Logging on to the internet was
taking over five minutes. Opening a program was taking 2-3 minutes. Even
simple typing was taking 30-45 seconds for his typed characters to appear on
the screen.

After a lot of checking, we finally discovered that the problem was being
caused by the hytorrent process. He had used it to download lots of movies
and music and did not realize the upload implications of doing so. He did
not understand the upload side of the software. When we dug into it we found
that over 20 other users were actively uploading some of that material from
his PC. These uploads were consuming over 90% of his cpu and his hard disk
was working like mad to service the upload requests. Once we used the
controls available in the upload software to put some bounds and limits on
how much of his system the upload process could consume, his system became
useable again.

As I say, one does need to learn about the software products they are using.
In his case, he spent over a week with a system he could barely use and was
almost at the point of scrapping his PC and buying a new one, which would
not truly have helped him. Learning the software and its capabilities saved
him from a needless purchase and enabled him to continue sharing material
via the torrent approach for several more years.

Dave Clement

Winnipeg MB

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Torrents are all about colaboration with each other.

Many people after downloading what they want just remove the torrent from
the list of download, which at this point is upload, which is a mistake and
a sense of selfish.

When it comes to torrent, the more people sharing the same one, the better
and faster to download it.

And it won't hurt to let it use one or two KBs of your internet to allow a
faster download for the folks interested in that torrent.

Now imagine if everyone would think this way? It would be wonderful to the

About viruses, well, if you know what and from where you are downloading,
chances you get some sort of virus are less than minimal :)


AKA Starboy

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Em 15/03/2019 14:06, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io escreveu:

I did stop using torrents as almost everything I got had viruses or malware
included in it or took literally weeks to get!


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Actually this program has this little annoyance with NVDA, and I suspect it
does with any screen reader.

As a workaround, when you reach the point where NVDA reports about the
download in question, just press F2.

Yes, that's the command to rename a file, but doing it you'll be able to see
the current name of the download you're focused into and after you're done
with it you can just press esc to exit it without changing the info on the


Marcio AKA Starboy
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Em 15/03/2019 07:45, ChrisLeo escreveu:

in the lists of entries, like Download or inSeeding etc., apears a column
for the names of each item in list.
NVDA reads from size column to the following columns, but not the name of
the selected entry.

Does anyone know about uTorrent settings more friendly for NVDA?

I'm using NVDA 2018.4.1 and last beta 2019.1BETA1, uTorrent 3.5.4 portable.


Lenron Brown
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