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           Thanks for what you've offered, I really do appreciate it.  It still does not tell me what the settings other than none actually mean about when, precisely, a symbol will be pronounced as an atomic unit.  How is "Some" different from most, all, and character.  I am presuming that "all" means every time it's encountered it's pronounced, but I'm still entirely unclear if there's a string of symbols what will happen.  Essentially a word composed of symbols.

            My main reason for asking this is if one is working with documents with phonetic transcriptions in the International Phonetic Alphabet there will be words that are composed as a sequence of symbols with no white space between those symbols.   If one wants those words read out loud, character by character, what should the Level and preservation settings be?

             Given the nature of the symbol set, I am presuming that the preservation setting will be "never" since no synth should be expected to recognize these characters in any way that is generally pronounceable. 

              At this point I'm making a guess that level should be character (but maybe all, I'm not certain).  I can find no description in any documentation I've found about what these terms mean "in real life" and how they interact with each other.


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