Re: Punctuation/Symbol pronunciation


Actually, Brian, it's just the symbols themselves. None & all are
pretty obvious, I suspect. The "some" level reads commonly needed
symbols, ie, @, #, %, &, *, +, < >, etc. These are symbols which, if
not read, could cause the text to not make sense. This is NVDA's
default setting.

"Most" steps it up a bit, reading things like ;, -, (, ), :, ~, `, but
not commonly used sentence-ending symbols, like ., ?, , & !. Those are
read at the "all" level.

On 3/17/19, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

         Actually, no, at least it doesn't make any sense to me.   Those
level values are associated with each and every individual punctuation or

         For instance, if someone had a dollar sign symbol, what is the
difference if this is paired with each of the levels (none being pretty
obvious if it means, as I suspect and Andre described, ignore it and never
pronounce it).

         The levels do not seem to be defining behavior for a given symbol
relative to any other symbol, but for the symbol itself based on some sort
of context determined by its placement in the text.  I just can't fathom


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