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Robert Logue

Thanks Gene.  I try to be sure the message pain (f8( is not open


On 2019-03-16 7:39 p.m., Gene wrote:

I'm not sure how you are reading mail.  Is the view pane opened?  If it is, pressing tab may be taking you from the message list to the view pane and the message is being read there.       
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I am using it now, the subject does not repeat, and using tabs seems to read the entire message using NVDA I press delete to go to the next message, etc.

Curtis Delzer 
W B 6 H E F
Rialto, CA

On 3/16/2019 9:27 AM, Gene wrote:
You can use the read to end command.  I saw someone propose another solution but I don't know how well it works.  it is changing whether messages open in a new tab or window or whatever the choice is.  You can see if changing it works.
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Subject: [nvda] Thunderbird with NVDA

I have the latest Thunderbird.

Is there a way to suppress reading the title of message when it opens? 
NVDA and Jaws both read the title as much as 3 times when I open a
message from the list.

I think one time is because the message pain is opening.  Then the next
is the screen reader saying the title of the window. Then saying the
title of the document.  This gets very old fast.  I have automatic
document reading on.

Please point me in to documentation that might help.

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