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Just for a little perspective, I'm running a Macbook Air with Windows 10 since about a month after Windows 10 came out, and of course, my screen access is NVDA. I'm quite happy with it.

What doesn't work, I just avoid. Even so, I think it works just fine.


On 7/1/16 9:30, Shaun Everiss wrote:
One thing though, nvda is going to have to support win10 by the time it upgrades because home users will get it automatically.
I can defur the systems I have on pro into the non upgrade branch for a time but as I can't justify defuring a remote for the only reason that I can't access it since I only maintain those, I would like to have the systems I let upgrade, upgraded so I could see what was what.
The only good thing is as long as search works, the settings app, ie, and the desktop I could get buy while you worked with things.

On 1/07/2016 8:06 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
One of the options seems to be that new versions of win 10 come along
and break accessibility in some cases.
I don't think this occurs though if you just take windows updates and
not whole new builds such as insiders get.
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Hi all,
Windows10 has been released for almost one year. Is this still the case?

Here is a quote from NV Access (Last update: 5 April 2016 00:25 UTC):
we recommend that most users delay upgrading to or purchasing a
computer with Windows 10 until further notice.
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Victor Cai

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