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Tony Malykh

Let me try to describe it in other words.
We have 4 punctuation verbosity settings that can be cycled through using NVDA+P. They are None, Some, Most and All. All is clear - just read all punctuation signs. But for many people that's too much punctuation. So we want to make some of the "not so important" punctuation signs to be ignored by speech synthesizer. There comes "Most" setting.  How do we decide which punctuation signs are to be ignored when the setting is set to most? The ones that are marked "All" in the punctuation dialog. And the ones that will be still pronounced are the ones that are marked with "Most" and above ("All", "None")
Same thing for the next verbosity level "Some". Only the characters marked "Some" and above ("All") will be pronounced.
I assume in some cases you want to ignore all punctuation, so you set punctuation verbosity to "None". In this case only the characters marked with level "None" will be reported, such as fractions, which are  arguably should never be skipped over.

Hope this explanation helps.

On 3/17/2019 5:04 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


          Unless I see a technical document describing the interactions I will never understand this.   For the vulgur fractions, for instance, things like the one-third or five-eighths symbols these are all noted as level "none" and have nothing for the preservation level (though I get that if it's none you wouldn't likely pass it to the synth, so I presume the default absent a value is never).    I don't understand how a recipe that uses the one-third symbol, which is not uncommon before the word cup, would ever read correctly.    The one-third symbol in symbols.dic, is given a replacement value of one-third, but a level of none.

          By the way, and I don't think I introduced this error, the five-eighths symbol has a replacement value of five eighths, but there is no tab after the S in eighths and it runs straight into the word none that follows it.  All others have that tab after the replacement value.


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