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Let's say you want period to be spoken at the none level and you don't want any other punctuation spoken at that level.  You set period for none.  You have now tailored punctuation so that period and nothing else will be spoken at the none level.  So you can tailor exactly what is spoken at what level.  A mark set to none will be spoken at none and in all other levels.  A punctuation mark that is set to most will be spoken at most and all, etc.

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Actually, Brian, it's just the symbols themselves. None & all are
pretty obvious, I suspect. The "some" level reads commonly needed
symbols, ie, @, #, %, &, *, +, < >, etc. These are symbols which, if
not read, could cause the text to not make sense. This is NVDA's
default setting.

"Most" steps it up a bit, reading things like ;, -, (, ), :, ~, `, but
not commonly used sentence-ending symbols, like ., ?, , & !. Those are
read at the "all" level.

On 3/17/19, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
> Jackie,
>          Actually, no, at least it doesn't make any sense to me.   Those
> level values are associated with each and every individual punctuation or
> symbol.
>          For instance, if someone had a dollar sign symbol, what is the
> difference if this is paired with each of the levels (none being pretty
> obvious if it means, as I suspect and Andre described, ignore it and never
> pronounce it).
>          The levels do not seem to be defining behavior for a given symbol
> relative to any other symbol, but for the symbol itself based on some sort
> of context determined by its placement in the text.  I just can't fathom
> how.
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