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Brian, maybe this analogy will help. I'm going to use the analogy of
access controls. Because WordPress is what I'm most familiar with, I'm
going to use its levels, ie, administrator, editor, author,
subscriber. Clearly, the administrator is like the 700lb
gorrilla--where does he sit in your living room? Anywhere he wants!
The editor can do everything an admin can except install software &
update the site. An author can do whatever s/he wants w/his/her own
posts, but no one else's, & a subscriber can read & comment.

If you're looking at a symbol in the symbol pronunciation list, & it's
set to level none, then it will always be read, no matter NVDA's
punctuation setting. It's like the administrator. If a symbol is set
to some, it's like the editor. If the user has the punctuation level
set to none, it won't be read, but if it's set to some or higher, then
it will be. Most is like the author, ie, if a symbol is set to "most"
or "all" in the pronunciation list, then it will be read when the
punctuation level is set to "most" or "all". If the symbol is set to
all, then it will only be read if NVDA punctuation is set to all. It's
least privileged, as it were, rather like a WordPress subscriber.

Programmatically, using a pseudocode, it might look something like:
if symbol-encountered
if symbol-says-none #we don't even have to think about it
if symbol-says-some && NVDA-punctuation >= some
if symbol-says-most && NVDA-punctuation >= most
if symbol-says-all && NVDA-punctuation == all

Does that help any?

On 3/17/19, Andre Fisher <andrefisher729@...> wrote:
In that case, you'd set the symbol level to none, and to never send the
symbol to the synthesizer.

Level 1: None (only those symbols that are deemed highly essential will be
Level 2: Some: Some additional symbols will be reported. All emoji fall in
this category. Therefore, to not hear them, set it to none.
Level 3: Most: This is the default for JAWS screen reader, things like
dashes, parentheses, brackets, quotes etc. will now be spoken.
Level 4: All: All symbols will be reported. This includes the commas,
periods, question marks and exclamation points.
Level 5: Character: These symbols will only be reported when moving by

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