Re: Some issues with NVDA's reading

Chris Mullins

With the punctuation/symbols pronunciation settings set as I indicated, the first sentence sounds different to the others two my ears.  I’ve tested it with ESpeak and Eloquence I get the same result.  When I originally received the message, the question marks were not spoken in any of the sentences but the 1st 1st line still sounds different to me.


I agree with Gene, the 2nd and 3rd sentences do not constitute syntactically correct sentences, so I changed my settings so the questin marks are spoken in those circumstances and thus may enable errors to be detected.




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            And what I'm telling you is that the first version of the question does not read correctly, to my ears, in either NVDA or Window-Eyes and the second two read precisely the same way.

            Since double exclamation points and double question marks (and/or combinations thereof) are not uncommon I have no issue with a screen reader reading these without any extra string of punctuation.

            I agree that a terminal space before the question mark itself is syntactically incorrect and the words should be read followed by "question mark" announcing the punctuation.  There is no case in written English that I know of where a question mark can "free float" and be syntactically correct.  It is always firmly attached to the final word in a question construction.

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