How to tell NVDA which ONeCore voice shoud be used with language switching

Sylvie Duchateau

Hello all,

I have several voices in several languages installed on Windows as OneCore voices.

By default, I use a French male voice, Paul.

For English, I have several voices: Hazel, Mark, Susan, Zira, David, George.

I have activated language switching and dialect switching in the speech options.

So when I come on a web page, let's say,, Mark is speaking.

If I want that NVAccess web site should be read with Hazer or Susan, is there a way to tell him to do so without using a specific profile?

Same question, if I am on a page that is written in French and English, I would rather have the language changes read by Hazer instead of Mark and that NVDA then returns to the French speaking Paul.

Thank you for your help.



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