Re: added the Ribbon tutorial to our wiki.

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I'm very late on this topic.  Just what is the link to the ribbon tutorial that everyone is praising?

Thanks for any help.

On 3/17/2019 9:12 AM, Jaffar Sidek wrote:

Good job on the Ribbon tutorial Robert.  I learnt to handle Ribbons better after going through your short course.  Thanks for your good work.

On 3/17/2019 8:39 PM, Robert Kingett wrote:

I added a link to the downloadable version. If anybody else has anything like this, I'd encourage you all to add it to the wiki as a new page or sub-page because, after all, having to share one HTML link is a lot easier, and, it will never be lost. Plus, anybody can make changes to pages as they wish if they see a correction.

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